LUX FATALS MODELS is a result of hard work and a reference to the old age that if life gives you lemons…

LUX FATALS Models was created in 2016 by Alizsa and Cardell as a woman’s clothing line that worked to uplift and empower women of all types to be their best and most fierce. Over time we have worked with world class models and had them promote our brand. We missed our mark. While working with these wonderful and beautiful women we realized that we should spend less time using these women to promote the clothing brand and spend more time promoting these wonderful unique women to the world and to provide a platform to really uplift the women and get them to the place that they need to be.

When we finally saw our purpose we knew it was what we were to do. We took what we knew and who we knew and put it to work for us. We began reaching out to everyone we had prior business with and let them know what we were up to. Before we knew it we had our models booked for fashion shoots, music videos, extras in movies, and art projects and major names started paying attention to us.



LUX FATALS Modeling was created
in 2016 by Alizsa and Cardell