LUX Fatals Models – Petite Models, Giant Vision
Founded in 2016, LUX Fatals Models is a labor of passion and pride. Alizsa and Cardell, co-founders and co-owners of the agency, have devoted themselves to a higher level of commitment to the modeling profession and to a fresh, invigorating perspective of the industry as a whole. We specialize in connecting petite, unique, original, and striking models to brands and platforms where they will stand out, engaging and uplifting others. For us, this is about much more than any one product or any one shoot. Purpose-driven, LUX Fatals Models is pioneering an all-new energy and approach to modeling.
In our earlier days, LUX Fatals Models was a woman’s clothing line emphasizing empowerment. We had sought to inspire and motivate women to reach their full potential and peak performance, encouraging them to think outside the bounds of what society expected of them. Yet, working with our models day in and day out, we began to rethink our mission. We saw that there was another way for us to go about our business, and although our clothing line came out of the right intentions, there was a brighter future in front of us – one that would, even more, celebrate our beautiful, world-class models.
Around the LUX Fatals Models office, we often repeat the old adage, “If life gives you lemons…” We repeat this because it describes our agency perfectly. Facing challenge after challenge, rethinking and reimagining our mission and our vision, we have started over from the beginning. At the same time, it seemed that once we embraced our new approach, the walls started falling down all around us. We were free, to uplift women in the way that we had always dreamed and to get busy driving change. Calling all of our partners and connections, we booked fashion shoots, music videos, movie appearances, art installations, and other high-profile projects immediately.
The right people were taking notice: LUX Fatals Models had arrived.
Now, we are pushing forward even harder than ever. We refuse to accept the mundane, the normal, or the typical. Instead, we are doing everything our way. Serious about training, we prepare all of our models for real-world engagements, teaching them the fundamentals of customer service and enhancing their personalities so that they bring magic, delight, and wonder at every set, stage, and venue.



LUX FATALS Modeling was created
in 2016 by Alizsa and Cardell